16 March 2022

Spring Decor Inspiration

Using colour, texture, pattern and furnishings in your new home

From brighter days, the yellowness of daffodils, dew hanging on new blades of grass, the sounds of birdsong and the sight of lambs roaming in the countryside, it is no wonder that spring evokes the desire to invite the freshness of nature into our homes.

At Cannon Kirk we are pleased to have partnered with K3 Interior Design to achieve welcoming, comfortable, and relaxing rooms across our developments in Caistor, Littleport and March. K3 is never short of an idea or two and understand how best to reflect a spring palette and textures without going overboard.

K3 owner Karen said “without knowing it, scores of people already incorporate the biophilic design, which seeks to connect homeowners with nature.

“We seek out a sensory balance by bringing the outside into our own homes, and this in turn helps us to enhance our physical wellbeing. Spring is the best time to introduce green tones. Green creates a relaxing ‘chill out’ space, whether used on a feature wall, furniture, fabric, or homely accessories such as cushions, rugs or throws.”

Many of us already add nature-themed associations indoors using house plants, even less high maintenance faux options that do not discolour if neglected, still offer that green feel-good factor. If the success of last summer’s CK Homes Garden Competition is anything to go by, homeowners enjoy getting creative in green spaces as well as feeling energised by nature.

Mandy Lott, Sales Manager for Cannon Kirk Homes, said: “At Cannon Kirk we have always recognised that homeownership is a personal journey, and have sought to inject personality from our master-planning through to options such as Select Extras, which allow our homeowners to choose what best suits their tastes. With an increasing number of people now working from home the need for space and interiors with uplifting décor is something homeowners take time to consider. Floral hues and a hint of greenery tend to be popular choices in Spring.”

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