19 April 2021

Latest on Cannon Kirk employee Hayden Cook – our very own Covid-19 Vaccine Volunteer

Our kind-hearted Cannon Kirk employee Hayden Cook has completed his first few months as a Covid-19 vaccine volunteer.

Hayden, who is known across our Cannon Kirk sites, has been taking a few days off from his role as a Buyer, to help at some vaccination centres within Cambridgeshire.

The 51-year-old has completed a number of shifts at the Boston centre, having completed his training with St Johns Ambulance in December.

He said: “It’s been such a great experience and I have been proud to be able to help the local community do something that is so important for us all to get back to a kind of normal.

“The shifts are around six-and-a-half hours long and I cover about 10,000 steps a time, which is about four miles, and all in the space of about 50 sq meters. During the day, the centre vaccinates about 900 people, so it’s quite a quick process in getting them registered and into the vaccination pods,” he added.

Hayden said that while it was very busy on the days, it was a great experience which he was keen to continue.

“I have to say, working with the NHS and other volunteers is amazing. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I have even had people, who have received their jab, say how friendly and efficient the process is. They thought it would be a lot longer,” he said.

Mr Cook, who is married and has a 14-year-old son, has been working throughout the pandemic from home for house builder Cannon Kirk.

Mandy Lott, sales manager for Cannon Kirk Homes said: “It’s great that Hayden is getting on so well with volunteering, and we are just all so proud of his commitment, not just to his job, but to helping the local community. Well done to Hayden and all the NHS teams and volunteers.”