30 July 2020

A Highfields love story

On one fateful day in 2005, Cannon Kirk Homes’ flagship development at Highfields welcomed two families destined to become one.

Chelsey Appleby and her parents were moving into their new home on Phase one, Highfields, just as Liam Woollard and his parents were moving into Plot Two, Highfield Drive. As both sets of parents settled into life in their wonderful Cannon Kirk Homes, the two youngsters began exploring the neighbourhood, getting to know each other as part of a wider group of new friends who called Highfields home.

As they grew up, their lives went separate ways until they bumped into each other again in a pub in Ely. A conversation that started with reminiscences about growing up in Highfields soon blossomed into romance. The two started planning their future together, which led to that most important of questions, where shall we live? The answer was obvious: Highfields.

The couple spent two and a half years living with Liam’s parents while they saved
up for a deposit. They reserved plot 275 on Highfields Prior in November 2019 and began making plans to move in. They were now expecting their first child and a bright future beckoned. Then Covid19 intervened.

With no moving date in sight and the birth approaching, they were understandably concerned.

Then, as lockdown eased, they were given a date and finally moved in on 26th June this year. Baby Arabella chose Tuesday, 21st July as her moving in date, and now three generations of one family are happy to call Highfields home.

As Chelsey says: “I’ve always loved the neighbourhood, it was a great place to grow up”. So what better place to raise her own daughter?