26 February 2017

New Commitment To Supporting Local Communities

CANNON KIRK Homes have made a commitment to building even closer links with communities in which we develop our range of quality properties.

Our pledge of annual sponsorship for local groups, clubs or organisations throughout the lifecycle of development work on each of our sites is being made as a more formal and defined way of investing in those local communities.

We are therefore inviting applications for £1,000 of support in 2018 at our current developments, Romans Walk in Caistor and Highfields in Littleport, and we will do the same at Willow Green in March when that scheme is launched later this year.

Sales Manager Mandy Lott explained: “Sponsorship within the local community is something we have done on an adhoc basis up until now, but we felt the time was right to make a more formal and structured commitment.

“In becoming a part of communities in which our developments are located, we recognise the importance of making an investment in them that goes above and beyond the work of creating new homes to improve the quality of living.

“Therefore, we will now offer £1,000 of support for a local cause in each calendar year we are on site from this point onwards.”

She added: “It could be a junior sports team, a drama group or indeed anything that is part of the fabric of the local community. The onus will be on them to present a compelling argument for Cannon Kirk awarding them this sponsorship.”

Applications should be submitted to Cannon Kirk’s Head Office at Lupins Close, Littleport in Cambridgeshire for consideration.

In the cases of Romans Walk and Highfields, those applications must be received by April 30th, 2018 to be considered for this year’s allocation of sponsorship.

But as Mandy Lott stated: “The choice of successful applicant will be made by those who work on a development locally because they are in closer touch with the community and are therefore in a better position to make judgement.”

*For more information, please contact Mandy Lott on 01353 862785.